Data Recovery

Trust your hard drive to Data Recovery professionals!

With our data recovery service, we recover lost data on Hard Drives, Flash Drives, Raid System, IDE, CD Memory, Zip & Floppy Disc, CDs & Tapes, & Sata. The types of physical damage that we can recover data from are Dead Motor "Clicking/Not Spinning", Circuit Board Damage, Platter Damage, Head Damage, Physical Failure or Logical Damage, Software Corruption, Logical Data Recovery, & Virus Damage.

Good news if you've purchased a Western Digital hard drive: Western Digital will not void your warranty if the data recovery service provider provides you a written verification that data recovery was performed on that hard drive. (Source:

We have partnered with two of the most trusted data recovery service providers to bring you the best possible service at a very fast pace. We have also become certified partners of theirs in order to serve you better!.

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